About Us

MEKANO4 S.A. is a specialist company that provides technical engineering solutions in the construction of buildings, silos, bridges and other special structures with high-quality products and a worldwide network of serviceable access.

CONAK is a company that has been established in cooperation with MEKANO4 company with its successful and expert engineering team which has accomplished great works in all kinds of concrete, steel and post-tensioning static projects for many years.

In addition to the design and engineering solutions, the supply and installation of stay cable systems, post-tensioning, bridge expansion joints, seismic isolators, pot and elastomeric bearings, and the supply of structural bar systems are within the scope of our company's activities.

The proposed MK4 post-tensioning system includes the necessary equipment, accessories and anchors to fulfil the technical requirements for the construction of bridges and all other engineering structures. The design and calculations of all components are based on the new ETAG-013 code which must be followed in the applications of the European Union.

Both the application and the static design ability to fulfil your needs with the most appropriate solutions are presented with the application. Many of the local and foreign well-known companies and institutions that employing the structural systems are steel, reinforced concrete and post-tensioning concrete projects has been successfully completed, including the static design of the structures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design the most effective engineering solutions with reliable, cost effective and high quality projects for our customers. In additon, to submit technical solutions for the construction of engineering structures in accordance with international standarts with the high quality products and worldwide service network provided by our copartner MEKANO4 S.A.

Our Vission

Our vision is to always keep client satisfaction at the highest level by providing product and safe services in international quality standards. Furthermore to develop innovative and sustainable solutions by improving the quality of materials and equipment used with expert engineering and application staff with a positive acceleration.

Enviromental Principles

Our main enviromental principle is to comply with all environmental laws and regulations in order to fulfill our responsibility to the nature and to ensure the continuity of the natural balance Besides to continuously improve our environmental performance with operational business excellence for leaving a livable and clean world to future generations

Occupational Health and Safety Principles

Our policy is to take all precautions in accordance with international occupational health and safety regulations and other relevant requirements, use personal protective equipment, organize training activities for the create and development of Occupational Health and Safety awareness, minimize the health and safety risks that may occur in working site.

Quality Principles

Our quality policy is to consistently increase the quality level by giving weight to team work in order to make all employees more competent and capable of using their skills at the highest level within the framework of quality systems; to produce the most appropriate, most accurate and economic solutions in the fastest way and to avoid any possible subsequently non-conformities; to complete every Project in time, in full compliance with the project by high level techniques, in the desired quality and within the budget limits.