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Advantages of Post Tensioning System

Greater Span Length

Classical reinforced concrete span length limits are easily exceeded by post-tensioning systems

Flat Slab Systems

In flat slab systems 10-25mt span length limits can be exceeded with 20-50cm slab thickness By using post-tensioning systems

High Rise Buildings

Higher floor heights are obtained by decreasing beam and slab thicknesses compared to normal reinforced concrete. In this way, more floors can be fitted into limited building heights, especially in high-rise buildings.

Contribution to Eaerthquake Response

Due to the thinning of the thickness of the slabs, decreasing floor loads will decrease the earthquake forces acting on the building and the sections of the column-basic elements will be smaller.This will facilitate the architecture as well as reduce the overall cost of the building.

Lower Deflection

Deflection is a controllable parameter in the design of the post-tensioning slabs in structures. It is possible to construct greater than 5 metres cantilever slabs with 30-40 cm slab thickness without any deflection problems.

Crack Control and Leaktightness

Some special structures where leaktightness is important such as pool, water tank and silo, can be designed that may be considered crackless owing to post-tensioning system . It is the most suitable solution in order to ensure the moisture leaktightness is important in the structures especially that storing the moisture-sensitive materials like cement and muggy regions.

Concrete, Formwork and Reinforcement Saving

Reduction of the amount of concrete and reinforcement throughout the structure, simplification of the formwork system are the economic advantages of the post-tensioning system.

Shorter Total Construction Time

Post-tensioning technology contributes to the reduction of the total construction time, especially in special structures that have large-span lenght, multi-storey and where construction time is important.

Economical Solution

It is obtained 50% lower cost, more rigid structure by the post tensioning systems according to the steel composite systems in beams and slabs that have larger span lenghts under heavy loads.